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I know…I know…this is literally so last year

This is a long overdue post…..

I actually have this post drafted since December 2020 smh…🤦

Even GoFood has a completely different UI now👀

Just me juggling through my responsibilities in those 4 months


This case study is a final project for my UI/UX Design Course at Purwadhika Digital Technology School. While the design process was done individually, the research process was done with my team (Imansyah Muhamad Putera, Prima Kuntoro, & Jaspreet Singh Johal; you guys rock! 😎) and mentored by Kenneth Mahakim; I believe I ken✨.

This case study is not affiliated with or endorsed by Gojek.

Pro+duktiv App on Flat Design

Whether you are looking to track your work, time, or even sleep schedule, Pro+duktiv cover it all. This app allow young professionals to get stuff done, focus on important tasks, and boost their productivity.

Project Overview

This is my first UI/UX design project during UX Design Class in Purwadhika Startup School . The UX case study was done for my Post Test on Module 1 lectured by Kenneth Mahakim.

The brief of the case study is about how to create an application that will help Bram: a young professional that live alone in Jakarta who wants to change his living habit.


Sry Sofyan

Sometimes I write. Sometimes I draw. Most of the time I think about world domination. Portfolio:

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